Battlefield 1 coming October 21

Fresh on the heels of the announcement of the latest game in the COD series, Infinite Warfare, DICE have announced Battlefield 1, and given us a release date of October 21, two weeks before COD. The trailer for the new game can be seen here. Many people were expecting BF5, but the ‘1’ in the name is a clue to the historical setting, WWI.

There has always been some competition between the two franchises, with most people firmly sticking to their preference. The gameplay has always been similar (hardcore fans of either may disagree) but in terms of setting the two franchises have gone in opposite directions for these latest releases. BF1 will take place in WWI, while Infinite Warfare is set in the distant future.¬†And between the two I am far more excited about the prospect of trench warfare than battles in space – and who doesn’t want to ride a horse into battle?

I personally skipped BF4, feeling it was too similar to BF3, and let’s not even mention Hardline. But I will definitely be playing this, though not at launch given the issues I, and many others, had previously.

According to the official site, we only have to wait a few weeks to see some actual gameplay, at an EA Play event on June 12.


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