Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare officially revealed

The next installment of the highly successful, and opinion polarizing,  Call of Duty franchise has been revealed in a trailer uploaded to YouTube earlier today, and the game will release November 4. Those of you hoping for a return to the European battlefields of WWI or II will be highly disappointed, as this time COD has again gone with a futuristic theme – but with a twist. The game will contain space warfare!

To be honest I wasn’t excited about another COD game, but have to say I was impressed with the trailer, in particular extraterrestrial dog-fighting. Details are still thin on the ground, in fact it looks like the trailer has been released early, but expect to hear lots more in the coming days.

Also included with the standard version of the game is a remastered version of Modern Warfare, which received huge praise from both critics and gamers. I for one am looking forward to replaying the missions set in Pripyat, which is hands down some of my favorite gameplay in an FPS campaign.

Just a little FYI – Battlefield 5 is also expected to be revealed later this week, May 6, according to an event page on the Battlefield website.


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