What’s big in 2016?

What upcoming new tech and games should you be excited about? I know what I am looking forward to, and I will share some of that here. (Still being updated)

Adaptive Sync for all?

Adaptive sync technologies, in the form of G-Sync and FreeSync have been around for a while now. The first G-Sync monitor to launch was the  Asus ROG Swift PG278Q in August 2014, for a rather steep $800 (it is listed at $650 at the time of writing). The first FreeSync monitors followed a year later. It seemed the end of VSync lag, stuttering and screen-tearing was in sight. There are many articles explaining what each tech does, and the guys at Tom’s Hardware performed a nice versus test which is definitely worth a look.

The price premium was definitely worth it to some, but safe to say out of the price range of most consumers. But now we are seeing an ever increasing number of displays being released with some form of adaptive sync tech. This wider choice has resulted in screens available at various price points and with much improved displays. G-Sync monitors can now be bought for under $400, like the Asus Predator XB241H or the AOC G2460PG. Or for the more demanding comsumers, there are now a handful of G-Sync screens with IPS panels, as opposed to the earlier TN screens. For some going back to a TN from an IPS was a big turn off, but now it looks like there is no compromise to be made between image quality and refresh rate, for those with deeper pockets. The earlier IPS panels from Asus and Acer had known QC issues, but now both are in their second generation. And the new monitors just keep coming.

One complaint of G-Sync is the extra cost due to additional hardware, one constraint FreeSync lives without. There are now a plethora of FreeSync displays available well under the $200 mark, which can only be good news for us. This could really be the moment when adaptive sync goes mainstream.

For more in depth discussion, news and reviews, head over to 144Hz monitors.

 Next Gen GPU

…more to follow


— ENews 4/26/2016


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