New additions to Acer Predator range

Acer has announced  a new laptop, desktop, and monitor in it’s Predator gaming range. From the Acer press release (04/21/2016):

  • Acer’s new Predator gaming notebooks and desktops deliver premium gaming and virtual reality experiences on Windows 10
  • The new Predator 17 X notebook brings overclocking and desktop grade components to mobile gaming, coupled with a custom triple-fan cooling system, it delivers an uncompromising combination of power and portability
  • The small but powerful Predator G1 desktop supports full-sized GeForce® GTX graphics (up to Titan X), 6th Generation Intel® Core™ processors and up to 64GB DDR4 memory; it fits under one arm so it’s perfect for taking to LAN parties
  • The new Predator Z1 series of monitors includes Acer’s first curved 27-inch gaming monitor featuring NVIDIA G-SYNC technology and a host of other top gaming features

photogallery_predator_z1_front-rightPredator Z1

Three new G-Sync displays, in sizes 27″,30″ and 31.5″ at FHD and ultra wide FHD resolutions with TN panels. The exciting thing here though is the refresh rate, which at 200Hz is huge. While the jury is out on curved screens it’s nice to have the option and to see more variety and choice in gaming monitors. Should arrive in June in North America and Europe.




photogallery_predator_g1_front-rightPredator G desktop

With so many companies offering ready made desktop gaming systems you have to offer something to really stand out. Acer might have managed this with the new G1 series, my favorite of the three (G1, G3, and G6). The internals are what you can find elsewhere but I personally find the looks rather striking, and this thing is tiny.






Predator 17 X

While not being a fan of large gaming laptops myself, I know that others love them. This laptop packs all of the hardware you would expect, but also comes with G-Sync. Just expect to pay a premium for all of this with prices starting at $2799 in North America.





— ENews 04/26/2016


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